Book 1 - The Amulet of Athlone

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“Lively combination of traditional elements and modern fantasy. This is a fast-paced novel for middle-school readers, suited to fans of ‘Deltora Quest’ and other fantasy adventures.”

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Who is Jack McCool? He’s a regular wise-cracking school boy, expert multiple biscuit eater and dodger of homework who likes nothing better than chilling out on his bed with his dog, Fergus. It’s no wonder Jack’s bedroom is his refuge, considering his crazy family and the daily onslaught he faces at school from his arch enemies: Miss Medusa, his lip-curling teacher, and Oscar the sneaky school bully. And oh yeah, Jack’s just discovered he holds the key to breaking an ancient curse. What’s more, the clock’s ticking and all eyes are on him.

“Ever wondered, ‘What’s special about me?’. Jack did and soon discovered that heroes come in all shapes and sizes, even ones with sticky-up hair and an unending supply of dodgy one-liners.”


Book 2 - The Tomb of the Emerald Scarab

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When a priceless artifact is stolen from an ancient Egyptian tomb, all fingers point to Jack’s best mate Rory, as the thief. Determined to clear his pal’s name and continue his quest to break a wicked curse, Jack turns to fearsome warrior Finn McCool, for help. A desperate race through time sees the unlikely duo battle shipwrecks, slave traders and an evil sorcerer to find the missing gems – and save Rory’s life!

“Jack must live by his wits and show more courage and confidence than he ever thought he possessed in order to continue his quest and break an evil curse. How quickly the ordinary becomes extraordinary.


Book 3 - The Crown of Burning Ice


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As Prince of Tara, Jack is invited to a gathering of the clans in the mountain kingdom of Kazakh. There, a magical clue sees him hunt for the third of six enchanted gemstones he must find to break an ancient curse. But first he has to battle a monster from the deep, rescue Finn from the clutches of a mysterious stranger and discover that it’s not always easy to tell friend from foe.

“Jack is one of those people to whom weird things just happen. With his life in danger, Jack has to face vicious mountain beasts, ruthless bandits and a water nymph intent on stealing the very breath from his lungs. See what I mean by weird?”


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